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Phil has always enjoyed the visual presentation side of music, and here are a number of video clips which ave been made to accompany various Phil Lewis songs.
Ripples from a Small Pond promo
Date: May 2011
A short 'fun' video using old copyright-free black and white film. Features 5 song clips from the album "Ripples from a Small Pond
Dumb & Stupid
Date: June 2009
A part-completed video to accompany the aborted single release of "Dumb & Stupid" from the "Movements in Space" album.
Date: November 2008
Currently, the best loved of the videos on this page, this was made to accompany the release of the highly acclaimed song "Sad" from the "Movements in Space" album. It was filmed one evening / night / morning in an old church hall which was also used in an episode of the popular BBC TV series "Gavin & Stacey" (yeah, kudos). As I'm sure comes accross in the video, we had a great time making it. The video was filmed, produced and edited by Andy from SLR Creations
Just One Kiss
Date: April 2008
A video filmed on Porthcawl beach to accompany Phil's irst ever single release, "Just One Kiss". Produced and filmed by Andy from SLR Creations
Phil Lewis Video Portrait
Date: November 2008
A 3 minute video portrait filmed by Andy from SLR Creations just before shooting for the Sad video started.
Let's Play
Date: April 2008
A knockabout video of some cut up 'home-video' footage of some freinds and I having fun. Made to accompany the song "Let's Play" from "Movements in Space", which was also the b-side of the single "Just One Kiss".